After placing the tracking code either hardcoded via Google Tag Manager or any other supported tool, it’s essential to check if it has been done correctly.

For specific browsers, it might be needed to enable the JavaScript console option before it’s possible to proceed with the following steps.

First, go to your domain to check if the tracking script has been placed correctly on your website.

When you’re on your website, press right-click → inspect, Ctrl+Shift+I, or f12

Another window will open next to your website with the browser console. Go to the Network tab, filter on Datatrics, and refresh the page.

You should be able to see all the Datatrics related scripts load.

The first item you see is the tracking script. Next to that, you will see the GetVisualSelectedBoxes. The GetVisualSelectedBoxes is needed for Datatrics to show touchpoints on the website. Furthermore, you will see an ?action_name. The action name ensures all the data is saved via our tracking script.

When you see these items loading on your website, the pixel is placed correctly.

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