With Datatrics’ Audience section, you can create segments for your advertising campaigns or remarketing strategy.

With segments based on search behaviour on the website, you can create groups of users based on what they are looking for and their interests. Users who search have already evident in their mind what they are looking for and are evaluating different options.

Search for a specific product type

If you want to create a group who are searching for a specific product type, you can make the segment as follows:

Search Behaviour

How to: Search behaviour → Search terms on website → Modifier: contains → Value: [name of the product] + PERIOD → Value: 3 → Condition: day

You can show these groups specific product recommendations, or if there’s a sale on that particular product/category, you can show them those specific sale items.

It is good to add a period to it because you would like to know what people were looking for in, for example, the past 1 or 2 days instead of what people searched for four weeks ago. In the last case, there is a high chance that the visitor has already bought the product.

Search for a specific destination

Knowing which destination someone is looking for could be interesting if you are a travel organisation. You can create this segment to use, for example, for an online campaign to show them holiday packages in that specific country.

How to: Search behaviour → Search terms on website → Modifier: contains → Value: [Spain] + PERIOD → Value: 1 → Condition: week


As you can read in this article, there are many different possibilities to create relevant segments in Datatrics. Hopefully, you've been inspired to get started segmenting your targeting groups! Do you have any questions, or do you have ideas for interesting segments? Go to the Datatrics Community and share it!

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