With Datatrics’ Audience section, you can create segments to use for your advertising campaigns or your remarketing strategy.

By creating segments based on the touchpoint, you can group users based on the touchpoints they interact with, such as, for example, discount notification or store location. These segments can be helpful to reach users who were interested in a particular offer of your website, but they didn’t convert.

We track interactions based on the view or click of one of the touchpoints you created.

Keep in mind: If you want to create a segment that groups users who follow all the rules you set, you must click on “all the rules”.

If you select “one or more rule,” the segment will be populated with users that meet at least one rule but not always both.

Segments based on touchpoint interaction

You can create a segment based on your users’ interaction with a campaign that you created in Datatrics. For example, make a notification product recommendations for one of your latest product releases. You can create a segment with users who clicked on that notification but didn’t convert.

This segment can be helpful to push those products to users who showed an interest in these particular items but didn’t convert. You can sync this segment to your advertising tools and push those items to other platforms so that they can stay top of mind.

How to create the segment: Create a new segment → Add rule → Datatrics → Touchpoint interaction → “Profile who clicked on touchpoint where touchpoint is exactly [add touchpoint]

Options for more advanced targeting:

  • Timeframe: in which period they interacted with that touchpoint (example: people who clicked on that touchpoint in the last 30 days)

  • Conversion: if they have already converted or not (example: people who interacted with that touchpoint but still haven’t converted)


  • You created a touchpoint to promote the summer 2022 collection; people who clicked on that touchpoint are interested in the new collection. For example, you can follow them up via Ads or email when the collection has been launched.

  • The new iPhone is right around the corner, and people who clicked on a touchpoint based on the iPhone could be set to a specific touchpoint based on interest in iPhones. You can follow them up via Ads or email.


As you can read in this article, there are many different possibilities to create relevant segments in Datatrics. Hopefully, you've been inspired to get started segmenting your targeting groups! Do you have any questions, or do you have ideas for new segments? Go to the Datatrics Community and share it!

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