With Datatrics’ Audience section, you can create segments for your advertising campaigns or remarketing strategy.

Segments based on URL

With Datatrics is possible to create segments that include users who came from a specific external URL (not including your website's current pages): for example, you can create a group of people coming from one of your social media pages. You can then enrich this segment with information such as if they haven’t bought a product from your store in the last 30 days. This segment could highlight that those users are engaged with your shop by visiting your social, but they still haven’t bought any products, so you could create ad hoc advertising for them or reach out with a dedicated newsletter.

How to:

Create segment → Referrer & UTM → Condition “Full refeffer URL” → Modifier “is exactly” → Value “full URL” AND Add rule → Conversion → “Is less than 1.”

Segments based on a UTM campaign

With Datatrics is possible to create segments of users coming from a specific UTM campaign. You can group users from a particular discount ADV and see if they have converted in a specific period. For example, if they have not converted, you can try and reach out to them with a dedicated newsletter with a different promotion that might lead them to purchase from your shop.

For example, suppose a user is coming from an ADV promotion of a new summer collection but did not convert the following week. In that case, you can create a segment to group those users and then send a personalized newsletter with a discount code only for that summer collection.

How to:

Create segment → Referrer & UTM → Condition “UTM medium” → Modifier “is exactly” → Value “UTM name” AND Add rule → Conversion → “Is less than 1” → Period → 7 days.


As you can read in this article, there are many different possibilities to create relevant segments in Datatrics. Hopefully, you've been inspired to get started segmenting your targeting groups! Do you have any questions, or do you have ideas for new segments? Go to the Datatrics Community and share it!

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