In Datatrics, we offer many options to segment your audience. Segments could help you be more efficient in deciding how to allocate your digital ad campaigns budget, and target a specific group of people to personalize your newsletter.

In this article, we give you some advice and share some inspiration on which segments you can create, but more importantly, we will explain how to and why!

It could be handy to retarget a specific group interacting with a certain type of content. In that case, you already know they are interested. This could reduce your Ad spending, for example. We have listed some inspiration in below link:

With segments based on Average Order Value, you can group users with an amount spent on average. In the below link, we share some inspiration:

If you have (multiple) stores and you would like to segment customers who are located nearby you, can find inspiration on segments based on location in the below link:

With segments based on the interaction touchpoint, you can group users based on how they interact with a particular touchpoint on your website. You can find inspiration in the below link:

If you would like to follow up on people who did conversions based on a particular category, product, etc., you can find inspiration in the following link:

Datatrics creates predictive values based on behavior. Those values can be used to create segments. Based on those values, you can reduce Ads spent, for example. You can find more inspiration in the below link:

Customers on your website have various behaviors. People who, for example, often return to your website are valuable, and segments based on those behaviors could be beneficial to follow up. To find more inspiration on segments based on behavior, click on the below link:

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