In this Covid-19 year the expectations are that Black Friday is going to be bigger than ever. Statistics show that the Black Friday is getting bigger and bigger each year. And when everybody doesn't spend money on trips and drinks the assumption is we are going to spend more during these days. And it's not only one day that the bargain hunters are hunting for discounts anymore. Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday) and Singles Day (11 november 2020) should also be on your list as a re- or e-tailer.

Knowing this, it is very important to be well prepared for this short period of time. That is why we would like to present you with our best personalization tips to make sure your Black Friday will become a huge success.

Tip #1: Make a dedicated Landing Page for Black Friday

Start with creating a dedicated Landing Page for this day, and maybe the other ones. On this page it's important to display your product categories. And maybe make them clickable. It's important to do this soon, to gain data and gain a good position in the search engines.

Create audiences to use in advertising, e-mail and website touchpoints.

Think about audiences you want to use in your marketing, for example:

You can also make a campaign when people click on a certain category on the Black Friday page (or maybe another part of the site) and use this data to personalize your advertising / mailing campaigns:

Tip #2: Send a Black Friday themed email to the correct audience

A great start of your Black Friday campaign can be made by sending an email some days before the Black Friday craziness starts. This gives you the opportunity to keep your brand top of mind with your (potential) customers before Black Friday has even started. Even though promoting Black Friday deals through social media has become the standard, an email is still a very powerful tool to draw enough attention to your sales actions and make receivers open your email.


  • Create relevant segments based on clicking behavior. No customer is the same. By segmenting them well, you can target the correct group with the correct content. Loyal customers, for example, are easily targeted with loyalty programs. Meanwhile, economical customers are more easily targeted by discounts.

  • Make sure your emails are actually opened by your customers. Subject lines can make or break your email campaign. Therefore it is important to use a catchy subject line. The more people open your email (open rate), the more opportunities you have to make conversions happen. Read this article for some general tips.

  • Make sure your customers cannot miss your Black Friday deals by enabling them to set up an agenda reminder. For example though sharing an ICS file (an ICS file is typically used for sending people meeting requests, subscribing to holiday or birthday calendars reminders). You want to be sure your customers exactly know when your sales are happening the moment they start.

  • Timing matters. Send your customers an email at the most opportune time. Datatrics predicts and synchronizes the best time to contact a customer to external platforms such as email software and marketing automation. There you can use this information to send you personalized emails.

Watch our how-to video to learn how to set up segments. You can also read our documentation on connecting your email marketing software.

Tip #3: Reach your customers via online advertisements

Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Ads are obviously great ways to reach new and potential customers. These tools are also a great way to reach returning customers or target look-alike, customers.

Segments created within Datatrics are automatically synced to Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. You can use multiple targeting options to create the correct segment(s) for your campaigns.


  • Create the correct segments. You can find some targeting examples here.

  • Find the right time to post your online content. Through Google Trends you can find the perfect timing for your keywords in combination with Black Friday, so you know when to start your campaigns.

  • Make sure you include a good call-to-action. It is important to make sure your customers know exactly where they can find the next step. Suggestions are “View Items” or “Start Shopping”.

Tip #4: Make sure you have a countdown

To make sure your visitor numbers turn into great conversion numbers, you can add a countdown timer to your website/email. Adding a countdown timer will make your visitors convert faster and they have less time to check for discount offers from competitors.


  • Create a dynamic notification that shows how much time is remaining for the sale to end.

  • Show this notification on the product pages of your website.

  • Add to the persuasion by also adding a scarcity indicator whenever possible (There are only X remaining).

Tip #5: Cross/Up-Sell Recommendations

Cross/Up-Sell recommendations are great options to sell more to individual visitors on your website. Maybe your margins a little bit smaller during these days. That's why a cross-sell make it worth your effort. Using these recommendations you can, for example, sell more items to visitors based on their current shopping cart items.


  • Make sure you correctly filter your items. You want to make sure they only see the products that you want them to see.

  • Choose the right recommendation strategy when setting up your touchpoints.

  • Make sure you show only 1 child product.

Tip #6: Turn it into a unique event

Black Friday is a unique event. To put some more emphasis on it you can change your website’s styling to match Black Friday’s aesthetic. An example would be using black colors for your website.

An example of a website styled after Black Friday. It also includes a countdown!


An example from Mediamarkt’s homepage.


An example using a header and homepage banner.


Hopefully, these inspiration tips will put you in a better position to succeed this Black Friday!

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