This article explains the functionalities that Datatrics provides in relationship with Spotler.

Retrieve Profiles

One of the basic functionalities after connecting the Spotler channel is the retrieval of Profiles inside Spotler. These profiles can be used for linking visitors to it and make them know. These can be used for specific targeting and segmentation.

This process of retrieving profiles will happen every hour.

Updating Profiles

One of the core functions of Datatrics is combining and analyzing the data that is being collected by connecting the visitor to a profile. After analyzing, Datatrics uses special algorithms for calculating specific fields. The following fields can be synced to Spotler, to be used there:

  • Buying Phase

  • Customer Type

  • Persuasion Type

  • Lifetime Value

  • Hour of day (best time to contact)

  • Day of week (best time to contact)

  • Day of month (best time to contact)

Note that this function isn’t enabled by default, this can be requested if it’s desired.

This process of updating profiles will happen once a day.

Adding segments

All the custom created segments inside Audience can be synced to a profile inside Spotler. This function can be enabled by the user.

For enabling this go to the desired segment, and press on settings inside the segment.

A menu will open with a couple of options, scroll down to ‘Sync to external platform’ and press the box for Spotler, after this save the segment and the sync will start.

Syncing segments will happen once a day and will be added as dynamic lists to Spotler.

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