You can analyze your campaigns and journeys in the same way as described in the article Custom Reporting to get a good overview of the performance:

When you want to take a closer look at the performance of touchpoints we suggest you head over to Behaviour - Events - Top Events and then select Event Category Datatrics and Event action Touchpoint. You can select the E-commerce tab if you want to see the e-commerce statistics like conversion rate and revenue.

Now you can analyse the specific touchpoints by comparing the show and hide group per touchpoint.

Warning: Events are dimensions based on hit-level. A lot of the statistics in Google Analytics are a based on session level for example conversion rate. That’s the amount of transactions divided by the amount of sessions. That’s why you must be careful when taking conclusions based on this data.

More information about statistics and the scope types in Google Analytics you fill find in this article: Understanding Scope in Google Analytics Reporting

In this example you can’t add up the amount of transactions and you can’t conclude the overall conversion rate in this tab. For this you go back to another report, for example in the source/medium area.

When a user visits your site and see a notification on the homepage and see an embedded touchpoint on a product detail page then this visit in this report will be displayed in those two events. When this user also makes a transaction, both of the touchpoint will display that transaction. Google Analytics concludes that there have been 2 transactions but actually there’s been 1 transaction.

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