Do you want to analyze the performance of your campaigns and journeys and are you looking for improvements? A good way to get inspired is make a custom report in Google Analytics.

In the top left corner you can click on Customisation and click on custom reports.

If you want to analyze the results of your site with the different persuasion types you can make a report with the following metrics and dimension:

Your report will look like this:

In this example you you see that the conversion rate of the hide group is better than the show group when we’ve selected the persuasion type scarcity. There are a lot of people on the site that have that we can convince with scarcity so it might me a good idea to create a touchpoint for those people. You can make an embedded touchpoint on the product detail page that is being displayed when you have less than 5 items in stock with the text: Only {{stock_count_max5}} items in stock!

You can also do this with the Datatrics dimension “ Customer Type”. It’s not recommended to do this with the dimension buying phase because it’s plausible that this one will change during the visit so Google Analytics can’t display this one correctly. Other dimensions can change during the visit when our algorithm will classify the user to another customer or persuasion type but this doesn’t happen as much as the dimension buying phase.

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