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Showing a touchpoint to every visitor
Showing a touchpoint to every visitor

This article explains how you can set up a touchpoint to show it to every visitor on your website

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Maybe your stores are closed, shipments are delayed, or you just want to make sure everybody knows nothing has changed for their shipments during the COVID-19 outbreak. You’re probably thinking of creating a touchpoint to show to every visitor on your website. In this article you will find the best practice for this.

If you want to show a message which everyone sees right away when they land on your website, most people will probably think of using a notification touchpoint. And that’s totally fine, but not if you will be showing the message more than once to every visitor. Because, you see, there are also other touchpoints published which drive conversion, like persuasion or recommendation notifications. If you’re showing a notification with a message on every pageview, these other touchpoints can’t be shown, since there’s a limit of one notification touchpoint per pageview.

Best practice

So when you set up a notification touchpoint to show to every visitor on your website, be aware of the following settings:

  • Use a campaign so you can skip the A/B-test (set it to 100%)

  • Create a website notification touchpoint

  • Set the frequency cap per user to 1 time per session:

You can set the frequency cap while editing a touchpoint within the touchpoint settings > additional settings > frequency cap per user.

It’s also possible to to use a pop-up with the same settings mentioned above for the notification type touchpoint.

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