While Datatrics can work without external content being provided, it works far better if you add your own content to it. By adding your content to Datatrics you have the option to present your content using our touchpoints.

So in what ways can you connect your content?

  • By using webshop / booking software.
    If you already have all your content stored in a system like Magento, Shopify, Lightspeed or BookingExperts, you have the option to connect it to Datatrics. By doing this we can access the content stored there and give you the option to use all of it in Datatrics. This method will also give us the option to send information back depending on the software you are using. You can find instructions on how to connect channels over here.
  • By importing content manually
    In case you do not have a webshop or booking system set up, you have the option to import your content manually. This can be done with our custom importer and requires an .XML or .CSV file to be uploaded to Datatrics. Documentation about our customer importer can be found over here.
  • By creating your content manually
    Datatrics does support the option to create manual content. While we do not recommend trying to re-create an entire catalog of products for the sake of time, the content creation option can come in handy when looking to add a small amount of content to Datatrics. This is especially helpful when the content you are looking to add is not based on products (example: Persuasive statistics).
  • By adding it via our API
    It's also possible to add content via our API, more information about our API can be found over here.
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