Please read the important notes carefully. If you want to use the extra synchronizations, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Important things to note before connecting

  • After the Copernica channel has been connected to Datatrics, there will be an initial sync. During this sync, all the profiles will be retrieved from Copernica; this will increase the number of API calls and the cost of it at the end of the month (Copernica charges extra for API calls, it will not increase the pricing of Datatrics).

  • Changing the database id will, just like the initial sync, cause us to retrieve all the profiles inside the newly selected database.

  • Adding new fields to the profiles will change the updated time inside Copernica. Datatrics will retrieve profiles after the initial sync based on the updated time of Copernica. When a field is added, Datatrics will also retrieve all the profiles again.

Standard synchronizations

Extra synchronizations (on request)

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