People will generally try to sell products to as many people as possible. When calculating your earnings it’s all about amount of purchases x average order value. Instead of just looking at your options to sell to as many people as possible, you can also look into increasing your average order value. But how do you do this?

  • A great way to increase your average order value is by offering something to them in return. Let’s say your average order value is currently €20. You notice that a lot of people are buying products in the €15 to €18 range. In this situation you could offer your visitor free shipping when they order for at least €25. By doing this your visitors will look for products that can give them the bump they need to hit the €25 mark. Oftentimes however this bump will make it so they exceed the €25 mark and get into the €30-€40 range. You can set this up in Datatrics by adding a persuasive notification once there are items in the shopping cart ranging from €15 to €24 (for example). Make sure you set it to only show when the shopping cart value is within your desired range. Not sure how to set up a recommendation? Check out this article!

  • Another great way of increase your average order value is adding product recommendations in the right places. What is the one place people always visit when they are going to buy something on your site? Yes, it’s the shopping cart page. By placing some product recommendations on your shopping cart page you have the opportunity to do some great cross/up-sell. You can set this up in Datatrics by adding embedded content on your shopping cart page. Because people will already have something in their cart by this point, you can set this touchpoint to promote items based on their shopping cart by selecting the right recommendation strategy. We have an article for that right here!

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