1. In order to connect to Criteo you need to sign in to your Criteo account at https://marketing.criteo.com

  2. Once you have logged in to the platform, navigate to Settings and then to Team.

  3. Once you are here, click on Create API User.

  4. On the page that now opens up you need to fill in a contact email address and select the role of the user you want to create. As View Only and Financial Manager do not have sufficient rights to access all features the API offers, please select Business Manager.

  5. After this is done, select Add User to receive a confirmation email with your Client ID and Client Secret.

  6. Fill in these details when connecting your channel in our channel overview.

Want to learn more about the Criteo API? This link will send you over to Criteo's own API help documentation: https://support.criteo.com/s/article?article=Criteo-Marketing-API-Intro&language=en_US

When the integration has been made successfully, we will be able to synchronize segments with known profiles.

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