First, head over to Click on the "Install" button, and you will be redirected to the settings screen:

You need to fill in two fields here; the first one is your store URL. The second one is your API key; follow the steps below to generate your API key:

  1. Login to your PrestaShop Store

  2. Go to the Advanced Parameters tab

  3. Select Webservice

  4. Click  Generate! to create a new API Key for your PrestaShop store.

  5. Permissions: make sure that status is set to YES, and the Webservice has at least view access to all fields

  6. Save API key

  7. Copy newly generated API key

Now paste your API key in the token field of the PrestaShop settings page in Datatrics. After entering the store URL and token, click on Save Settings.

Datatrics will use the PrestaShop integration to sync profiles, conversions, content items, and categories.

Datatrics Ecommerce scripts

It is also recommended to add our Ecommerce scripts to your webshop. If you cannot implement those in your source code or don't have Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Tag Manager, we recommend this PrestaShop plugin for adding an Enhanced Ecommerce to your GTM dataLayer. You can use this guide to finish this setup in Google Tag Manager.

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