To add our predictive fields to CanopyDeploy, head over to the “Customers” tab and click on the “Customer Options” button. You will see the following screen where you click on the “+” button to add new fields:

Add the following fields, all with a string type (Dutch: Alfanumeriek):

  • buyingphase

  • customertype

  • persuasion

  • lifetimevalue

  • hourofday

  • dayofweek

  • dayofmonth

All these fields get an ID assigned, you can find them in the field overview:

Copy the ID for every field, you need them in the following step.

Log in to Datatrics and make sure you’re in the right project. Next, go to and find your connected CanopyDeploy (Clang) channel. Click on “Manage” and you will see the following screen:

The IDs of the fields you added/copied in CanopyDeploy can be added in these (matching) fields, just like above.

Save these settings and the predictive profile fields will be synchronized with CanopyDeploy.

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