Datatrics personalizes your customer journeys. Through Datatrics you can easily connect your existing data sources such as website, CRM-system, email marketing tool, advertising tools and social media channels. By combining existing data sources with relevant external data sources like weather, traffic and demographic data, per unique customer a 360° customer profile is made, which will be enriched with their behaviour. These profiles are used to personalize websites, email marketing and advertising, which increases conversion rate.

What can Datatrics do for you?

If you have a website or a webshop Datatrics can:

  • Easily connect all your channels: Our algorithms track and identify interests and value of each customer, across channels, based on website behaviour, social interactions, external sources and much more. How Datatrics connects channels.
  • Create 360° customer profiles: We match new customers to your audience, and predict their buying phase and customer type. How Datatrics creates customer profiles.
  • Turn data into customer journeys: No more funnels based on classic customer segments, we start building journeys based on intent. Datatrics builds your journeys based on your data. How Datatrics creates customer journeys.
  • Personalize content at each touchpoint: Build content that is based on data within the Datatrics editor. The easy to use touchpoint editor gives power to serve the right product info, call to action and persuasion message in your branding. Real time and personalized for maximum results. How to create personalized content with Datatrics.

Content will be personalized on:

  • Website: Slow highly personalized product recommendations, notifications, or any dynamic content, customly tailored for each unique visitor. You can use our built-in persuasion framework to be even more persuasive.
  • Email: Nurture your existing customers and re-engage leaving customers, to increase engagement and customer loyalty. You van use Datatrics to identify them and send them personalized emails.
  • Advertising: Increase reach and visitor numbers by targeting high potential customers with your advertising. You can use smart profiles and segments from Datatrics and target lookalikes on all your channels.

In the Datatrics Dashboard clear insights are given on the conversion increase, audience enrichment, algorithm status and much more. So you can just relax - let Datatrics increase your reach, conversion, customer loyalty & engagement! 

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