First, head over to
Click on the Install button, and you will be redirected to the setting screen. 

The first step is to select the corresponding ShopWare version and to fill in a base URL. After doing this, You need to fill in the API Key as Password. You can create a Shopware API key and username by using the following steps;

To enable access to the REST API, the shop owner must authorize one (or more) users in the Shopware backend.

Simply open the Shopware backend and open the User Administration window, under Settings. From the list of existing users displayed on this window, select Edit for the desired user and mark the enabled checkbox in the API Access section.

You will get a randomly generated API access key, which needs to be included in your API requests for authentication. After clicking Save, the changes will take effect. If the edited user is currently logged in, you might need to clear the backend cache, and then log out and log in for your changes to take effect.

After saving the settings, Datatrics will synchronize customers, orders, product, and category data.

To track your storefront visitors, you can use the Datatrics Shopware Pixel guide.

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