First, head over to and click on "Install"

You will now see the following prompt:

In the box Shop fill in your shopify store url using the following structure, Without http or https

Create your Shopify Private app

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.

  2. Click Manage private apps, near the bottom of the page.

  3. Click Create a new private app.

  4. In the Description section, enter a name for the private app and a contact email address.

Shopify uses the email address to contact the developer if there is an issue with the private app, such as when an API change might break it.

In the Admin API section, select the permissions Datatrics needs. The following screen shows the permissions Datatrics needs.

After selecting the right permissions press save, after a few seconds you will redirected to a new screen wich includes the API Key, password and Shared secret.

In your Shopify Settings screen in Datatrics fill in the following details;

  • In the box Username fill in the given Shopify API Key

  • In the box Password fill in the given Shopify Password

  • In the box Shared fill in the given Shopify Shared secret.

After saving the channel, Datatrics will synchronize all product, order and customer data.

To implement the Datatrics Pixel in your shopify store use the manual "Implement Datatrics pixel in Shopify"

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