General setup directions are available at:

Setting up a connected App

  • Log in to Salesforce and create a new connected app using the following link.
  • In the App Name and API Name box enter; Datatrics
  • In the Contact person box enter your email address
  • Check the Enable OAuth Settings box
  • In the Callback URL box enter
  • Add "Full access" to the list of selected scopes
  • In the Start URL enter
  • Enter the other require fields and click Save

Finish your connected App

  • On the screen above, copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
  • Back in Datatrics, click on the button Integrate behing the app SalesForce.
  • A new page will open and fill in the following fieds;

Client Id (Customer Key from SalesForce)
Client Secret (Customer Secret from SalesForce)
Authentication Base URI
Rest URI

Click on Save, and the page will be refreshed. A button Connect to Salesforce will show on the top right of the page.

  • Click on the button Connect to Salesforce to connect your Salesforce app with Datatrics.
  • After you have saved the page click on the button Connect to Salesforce.
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