Orientation phase:

  • X people are shopping right now
  • Newsletter notification
  • Product recommendation
  • Blog post recommendation

Comparison phase:

  • Notification with company rating by customers
  • Discount code for returning visitors
  • Notification with link to FAQs
  • Product recommendation
  • "Our advantages"

Decision phase:

  • Persuasion notifications, like:
    - [x] people are looking at this product right now
    - This product has been viewed [x] times today
    - This product is almost sold out!
    - This product has been sold [x] times this week
    - [x] people are buying this product right now
    - This product has been bought [x] minutes ago from [city]

Evaluation phase:

  • Write a review
  • Recommendation based on purchase
  • Read this blog article
  • Follow us on our social channels!
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