Welcome to the Datatrics family! Now you created your project, you can use the following checklist to make sure everything is set up! Every step also has links to the guides/documentation, if relevant.

  1. Make sure you know the basics.
  2. Did you implement our tracking script(s)?
  3. Connect your data sources (documentation, how-to video).
  4. Check if you have content & profiles in your project. Check a few hours after connecting your channels, the first data imports can take up some time.
  5. Set up Google Analytics for reporting.
  6. [Optional, only needed if our script or Google Analytics is implemented through Google Tag Manager] Set up Google Tag Manager for forwarding our events.


  1. Create customer journeys and campaigns and their touchpoints.
  2. Set up targeting / excluded pages & conversions.


  1. Add Unique profile IDs to your emails.
  2. Add dynamic content to your emails.


  1. Define customer segments to target.
  2. Create campaigns in advertising tools based on Datatrics segments.

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