Facebook also owns Instagram. This allows you to also sync to Instagram without an additional connection being required.

First, head over to https://app.datatrics.com/integrations/facebook/

Click on the "Install" button and you will see the following screen:

Click on "Connect to Facebook".

Log in with an account that has permission to an Advertisement Account and the Facebook Pixel and allow Datatrics to access the data.

After you have connected to Facebook, you will see the following prompt within Datatrics:

Here you can select your advertisement id, default tracking, and touchpoint tracking. You can also choose to send over carts, conversions, and viewed content.

After selecting the wanted options, press save.

Now you can select the pixel-id in the settings screen:

After selecting and saving, you can check which type of Custom Audience we can create for you. For each type of audience, you need to accept the Terms and Conditions on Facebook. You can do that by clicking on Website Visitors, Value Based Audience, and Custom Audience, as depicted in the screenshot below.

We have the possibility to create the following types of Custom Audiences:

Website Visitors
Allows us to create audiences based on website visits.

Value Based Audience
Allows us to create audience based on values.

Custom Audience
Allows us to create and upload Custom Audience based on known profiles.

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