Datatrics has lots of possibilities and to get the most out of it, you’ll at least need a marketeer, but if you want to reach its full potential a few extra roles come in handy.

(Necessary) Marketeer

Datatrics is built for marketeers. Connecting channels, placing a tracking script, creating customer journeys and campaigns, all is easily done by marketeers. You can use our theme builder to create basic styling for your notifications and you don’t need to code for changing positions and layouts. Someone who knows the market is necessary to work with Datatrics.

(Preferred) Designer / Front End Developer

If you also want to add embedded content to your website, style your notifications exactly like your website, or add custom (transactional) scripts to your website. Someone with the knowledge of front end development is necessary. As said before, a marketeer has lots of options of styling, but for custom and precision styling you’ll need someone with the knowledge of front end coding.

(Optional) Analytics specialist

Datatrics provides you with a lot insights in performance. You can see the overall performance, per journey, per campaign and even per touchpoint. If you want to deep dive into how each and every touchpoint performs on certain pages or to certain audiences, this can be done in external analytics tooling. To view these numbers and know how to interpret them, you’ll need someone who can crunch numbers and draw conclusions out of them.

(Optional) Back End Developer

This role is only necessary if you want to connect Datatrics to custom channels or maybe get data from our API.

(Optional) A Partner

We understand that some of our customers may not have the time and / or experience to set everything up themselves. For this we offer you the opportunity to work with one of our partners. You can find an overview of all possible partners in the platform.

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