You can connect lots of channels to Datatrics, but which channel types are necessary and which are preferred to use?


This is the only mandatory channel you need to connect to Datatrics, by placing a tracking script on your website. You can additionally add transactional scripts, but that’s optional.


It is preferred to connect a channel which contains content Datatrics can use. For example: e-commerce tools with products, booking engines with rooms or holidays, or another content management system. It is also possible to connect a content feed, do a single import, or add content manually in the Datatrics platform if the previous options are not fitting for you.


If you use email marketing software, it is recommended to connect this channel to Datatrics. By connecting, you’ll have more insights in your profiles and these profiles will be enriched with predictive fields to use in your email campaigns. Datatrics can also link these profiles to website visits, so you can set up abandoned cart campaigns or other campaigns based on triggers you can set up yourself.


You can also connect lots of advertising networks to Datatrics. It is recommended to connect these, because all segments created within Datatrics, can be shared with advertising channels so you can target the exact profiles you want through online advertising.

E-commerce tool or booking engine

These channels are recommended to connect for gathering content, but they also contain customers and their transactions. This is valuable information, because profiles in Datatrics will be enriched even more and can be targeted based on transactional information that existed long before you started using Datatrics.

Other channels

You can also connect a lot more channel types to Datatrics. These channels are not mandatory, but more information is always better. If the channels contain profiles/customers and their information/behaviour, it is always preferred to connect this channel.

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