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Introduction to Datatrics Analytical
Introduction to Datatrics Analytical

This section should provide an overview of what Analytical is and what it can do, including its primary features and capabilities.

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Welcome to Datatrics Analytical, a business intelligence (BI) tool that helps you easily visualize and analyze your data. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to create powerful dashboards and explore your data using queries.

Business Intelligence by Metabase

Business intelligence (BI) refers to the process of collecting, analyzing, and presenting data in a way that helps businesses make more informed decisions. Datatrics Analytical uses the software from Metabase. This BI tool allows you to explore your data and gain insights into key metrics and trends. Note that the data stays on Datatrics’ servers.

We want to ensure you get the most out of this powerful tool, and we understand that it can be complex and daunting for those unfamiliar with BI and SQL. To fully utilize Metabase's capabilities, we recommend having a basic understanding of BI and SQL.

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert - in this help center collection, you will learn about the capabilities of Analytical from Datatrics’ point of view. If you want to know more about the software, we recommend reading the Metabase docs and following tutorials.


The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. You can quickly create queries called Questions and dashboards using the Query Builder or SQL. It allows you to customize your visualizations to represent your data best. Analytical also offers a range of chart types, including bar charts, line charts, and scatter plots, and allows you to filter and group your data easily.

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