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This article explains what content collections are, how they are created, and how they are used within Datatrics.

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This article explains what content collections are, how they are created, and how they are used within Datatrics.

What is a content collection?

A content collection is a dynamic collection listing all the items of the project that meet a certain set of rules.

The benefit of a collection is that the filtered content is automatically updated according to the values of the fields used for the filters, without the need for manual intervention if the items loaded into the project are subject to a change.

The content collections page can be accessed by clicking on Content > Content collections.

How to create a collection

On the content collection page, click on the Create content collection button in the top right corner.

Set the name of the collection you want to create and press Save collection.

Once the collection has been created, it is possible to add a series of rules to filter its content.

Using the Add rule command we can create several rules that will relate using the AND operator: that is useful if, for example, we want to add a filter for a certain type of content AND a specific category.

The Add group command, on the other hand, allows us to create another set of rules that will relate with the OR operator to the other group(s) of rules: that command is useful if, for example, we want to include in the collection all the items from a specific category OR another.

On the right side of the page, inside the blue box, you can see all the rules that have been set. Once done, click on the Save and preview collection button to save it and see the list of items that are included in the newly created collection.

How the Collections are used within Datatrics

The most common use of a Content Collection is to filter the content of the recommendations in the touchpoints.

Within the settings of a touchpoint where there will be included any item recommendation, you will be able, in the Content section, to Select existing collection or to Create a new collection.

A practical example of Content collection usage in a project is for the generic product recommendations such as the ones in homepage carousels, the customer journey or the abandoned carts e-mails:

It is possible to create a collection that, for example, includes all the items that:

- are from the main source;

- their image field is not empty

- have a stock value greater than 0

So that only the available items will be used for those recommendations.

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