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Introduction to our ecommerce scripts
Introduction to our ecommerce scripts
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Next to implementing the basic tracking script, you can also extend its functionality by sending over ecommerce data to the script. These extra scripts are an extension of the basic script and will only work when the basic script is also present on the webpage.

Again, the easiest way to implement is via the channels which are mentioned here.

We have some default scripts you can use to send over ecommerce data to our tracking script. These scripts need to be filled with the content of the item that's being viewed, added to cart or bought. So for all the examples, {{sku}}, {{name}}, {{categoryname}}, {{price}}, etc. need to be dynamically filled with the data of the item. If you miss one of the variables, leave it blank with double quotes or set it to false (see the category view script as an example).

We accept the following ecommerce scripts:

  • Product view script (docs)

  • Category view script (docs)

  • Shopping cart script (docs)

  • Advanced Shopping cart updates (docs)

  • Conversion script (docs)

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