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How to start generating more leads
How to start generating more leads
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Okay, so the visitors are on your website and may or may not buy products. What else can you do that will help you out in the long run?

You want to be able to offer people something that is not just selling your products. Generally this is achieved by setting up a newletter that you send every week / month / quarter. Depending on your market this newsletter can include many different things.

  • A newletter with the newest products to keep people in the loop without having to visit your website

  • A newsletter that talks about something relevant happening in your market

  • A newsletter that offers people discounts / free delivery etc.

A way to set this up in Datatrics is by creating a popup that asks people to sign up for your newsletter. All they have to do is fill in their email address and they are done. A newsletter like this offers 2 great things for relatively little work:

  • You visitors will receive content that they signed up for. They want to see whatever it is that you are offering and are thus more engaged with the company in general

  • You get their email address and can use this in the future

Because every newletter signup form is a bit different, we can't provide you with a single solution for every situation. We will however provide you some links to get you started. You can use the HTML code of the form in your touchpoint.

If you need any help setting up an HTML form, please contact your email service provider for support.

Important note: People will sometimes not want to sign up when there is a risk of their email address being used for promotional mails (sometimes described with the beautiful word "spam"). Be careful and let your visitors know exactly what they sign up for.

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