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Potential segments to use
Potential segments to use

This article contains example segments which you can use for your advertising channels. You can also use them for website/email campaigns.

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Customers interested in a (popular) product category
Example targeting:

  • Potential content [contains] suitcases

Loyal customers

Example targeting:

  • Number of Conversions [greater or equal] 4

  • Days since last visit [less than] 30

Visitors with a high potential, but without conversions

Example targeting:

  • Potential [greater than] 50

  • Number of Conversions [equal] 0

Visitors entering your website from a campaign
Example targeting:

  • All historical events [contain] utm_campaign=christmasnewsletter2017

Customer types
Example targeting:

  • Customer type [equal] economical

Buying phases
Example targeting:

  • Buying phase [equal] decision

Persuasion types
Example targeting:

  • Persuasion type [equal] scarcity

Customers that bought a specific item
Example targeting:

  • Bought item ID [equal] 123456

High value customers
Example targeting:

  • Total revenue [greater or equal] 1000

Visitors that clicked on a specific touchpoint
Example targeting:

  • Clicked touchpoints [in] Product recommendation (1234567890)

Visitors with an abandoned cart
Example targeting:

  • Number of items in shopping cart [greater or equal] 1

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