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Connecting Google Ads

Connecting Google Ads to Datatrics, step by step.

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First, head over to to connect to Google Ads.

Click on the blue "Install" button, and you will be redirected to the following screen:

Click on "Connect to Google Ads".

You can log in with an account with full permission in the Google Ads account you want to connect.

In the next screen, google will ask you if Datatrics can access your google account.

Allow Datatrics to access the data.

Now you will be redirected back to the integration page within Datatrics. Here you can fill in multiple settings:

First, choose the proper customer id. Without selecting the correct customer id, the integration is unable to work. Furthermore, you can select "yes" or "no" on the tracking pixel, tracking default and tracking touchpoint.

With the tracking pixel, we can send multiple statistics from your visitors to Google Ads, for example, the persuasion and buying phases of the visitor.

With the option tracking default, we can send segments towards Google Ads. The segments will be synced serverside towards your audience list in Google Ads.

With the option tracking touchpoint, we will be able to send the touchpoint information a visitor currently is in into Google Ads.

When the user lists are not visible in your Google Ads environment, it could be that your user lists are set to read-only. Please take a look at this documentation. If you encounter any other issue, make sure to contact our support at

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