This article describes how to add unique profile IDs to your Copernica emails

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A unique profile ID must be added to all links in your emails, so we can identify a person when he visits your website from an email. For Copernica, the parameters to use are: profilesource=Copernica&profileid={$}

First, you need to add the following parameters to the templates you will use for future emails: "profileid" & "profilesource". The following screenshots shows how to fill the parameters:

Click on "Prepare hyperlinks..." in the dropdown you see when you hover the template name.

First add the following custom parameters:

  • profilesource: Copernica

  • profileid: {$}

Click the green "Store" button next.
That's it! Datatrics will now identify visitors as Copernica users when they visit your website from an email and also when the revisit. All (anonymous) historical events will also be added to the user/customer.

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